OligoScan tissue mineral and heavy metal testing

OligoScan is a revolutionary device which performs a simple, non-invasive test to reveal a great deal of information about the patient.

The cutting edge Oligoscan makes, in real time, a precise analysis of the minerals in the skin and peripheral blood vessels. No biopsy,blood or hair sample is needed.

How does the OligoScan Test work?

OligoScan uses spectrophotometry to measure the optical density of the trace elements, minerals and heavy metals present in the tissues. The basic principle is that every chemical compound absorbs, emits or reflects light (electromagnetic radiation) over a certain range of wavelength. The more the sample is concentrated, the more it absorbs the light within the limits of proportionality expressed in the Beer-Lambert Law.

The OligoScan procedure is simple, painless and non-invasive. Testing is completely safe for everyone, using only light transmitted through the skin. Peter takes four photos from different points on the palm of a patient’s hand, using high frequency light spectrophotometry and the results appear immediately on the screen.

Our OligoScan treatments do not interfere with prescription drugs and the device has been fully approved by the Therapeutic Goods Agency in Australia as a Class IIa medical device.

Who can benefit?

Toxic metals are widely distributed in the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat. It is extremely hard not to have been exposed to these toxins in the industrial world in which we live.

Unfortunately, since toxic metals pass through the placenta from the mother and deposit in the tissues of their babies, children today are born with higher levels of toxic metals than ever before.

Therefore, in our clinic we test:

  • Men and women planning to have children.
  • People who have grown up and/or spent most of their lives in polluted industrial cities.
  • People who have been exposed to fertilisers and chemical sprays on farms.
  • People who have grown up in mining towns, especially those involved with aluminium, lead, silver, and nickel.
  • People who predominately eat processed, packaged foods or fruits and vegetables that have been pre-ripened for transport to supermarkets.
  • People who smoke cigarettes or have been exposed to chemical addictions.
  • People who do not excrete toxins well. People who are poor excreters are patients who do not perspire, do not drink enough quality water, and usually have liver congestion and/or suffer from constipation.
  • People with dental amalgams or those planning to have metal fillings removed.
  • Anyone exposed to chemicals in the household or workplace, especially hairdressers, cleaners and pest controllers.
  • Anyone who wants to be informed about their body’s mineral deficiencies in order to ensure their future health.
  • OligoScan is ONLY available for children over the age of 12. (must weigh 44kg). Testing for children under this weight will be available soon.

Preparation for your test

  • Hands must be clean, with no applied creams.
  • For an accurate test we need to know your height, weight, and blood type (O, A, B or AB).
  • A list of the supplements you are currently taking is also helpful, or bring along the supplements.

oligoscan tissue mineral heavy metal testing

Advantages of an OligoScan Test

The body tries to keep levels of minerals and metals constant in the blood. It does this by moving them in and out of the tissues. A blood test for minerals does not necessarily show levels in tissues (including organs). Urine tests measure what the body is capable of excreting and hair tests measure levels that occurred weeks or even months prior to testing.

The analysis that OligoScan provides allows Peter to interpret the minerals present at the time of testing. Often supplements are taken or prescribed without consideration of what the body actually needs.  In this way,  Peter is able to tailor a personalised plan to help your body rebalance.


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